The introduction of bills such as Prop 47, Prop 57 and AB109 brought with it an increase in the amount of violent criminals as well as an increase of drug-addicted homeless prowlers, which is exponentially increasing in California every year.


This places a significant strain on local law enforcement agencies to handle these calls for service on top of their normal level of daily calls. Many agencies are unable to respond in time. Unfortunately in some areas, calls for service to a police department can sometimes take  upwards of an hour or more from the time the call is placed to when an officer arrives.


As a result, the private security sector has stepped in to assist in handling low-level priority calls for service related to vagrants and other types of property crimes. Officers from a private agency can arrive in just a few minutes to take the appropriate and necessary actions. Often times our agency is the first responder to an incident and can work with local law enforcement to successfully apprehend suspects. We pride ourselves in having a positive working relationship with local law enforcement to solve problems related to our clients' properties and to make our cities safer.


Public Safety Patrol is a unique company and patrol officers are in a class of their own; well-equipped and fully trained to handle high-stress types of calls while remaining confident in their duties. Officers make every effort to utilize their extensive training on de-escalation techniques while encountering unstable persons but are trained to make arrests when necessary. Our patrol staff will generate detailed reports every night while on the field, which are automatically sent directly to our clients at their provided email. We use a top-tier Computer-Aided-Dispatch system (DESTINY) that allows us to provide this service free to all of our clients!

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