Public Safety Patrol is a full-service private security company that offers a range of services including armed and unarmed security guards, armed vehicle patrol, and special event staff. Our management team will work with you to evaluate your property and propose a service package that will suit your needs! 

Vehicle Patrol

Fully equipped, uniformed, and armed security officers in a distinctively marked patrol vehicle will conduct random patrols of your properties and respond to your calls for service. Our officers pride themselves in their dedication and as a result, have excellent work-ethic. All officers are held to a high standard and are required to adhere to strict policies. We specialize in reducing the presence of vagrants, vandalism, and illegal lodging; arrests are made if the need arises. Our patrol vehicles are fully outfitted with emergency lighting and computer systems for report writing. Our officers work closely with and maintain a great relationship with local law enforcement to work towards a common goal.

Public Safety Patrol Officer
Security Guards

We understand that each client has different needs and may not need our patrol service. Public Safety Patrol also offers qualified armed or unarmed security guards, ready to protect life and property. Also known as "standing guards", these officers are able to stay on one property for their shift and be your eyes and ears at all times. Often times, our clients need a guard on duty at one spot or require them to foot patrol their property continuously throughout the shift. Standing guards and vehicle patrol can be combined to give your property the safest and most secure service. All officers are licensed through the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Service.

Public Safety Patrol
Event Staff

Public Safety Patrol can provide services to any special event, big or small! Whether these events are seasonal, temporary, or permanent, we cover it. We offer a variety of uniform options and the ability to choose armed or unarmed security officers in order to flow seamlessly with any special event. For example, we understand that a family fairground can require a different level of service than a business property that encounters burglaries. We custom tailor our service to you needs!


Industry-leading software, for an industry leader

Public Safety Patrol utilizes DESTINY, the most popular, industry-leading computer-aided-dispatch system. This system allows our officers to upload daily reports while in the field. Officers can also search previously-submitted reports to identify vehicles or persons that are unauthorized. Photos can be attached to any report to make identification easier. Our fleet of vehicles are equipped with the latest computer equipment to allow seamless integration.


The software also allows our clients to automatically receive emailed copies of every report an officer makes in the field. These reports are permanently stored on secure servers and are able to be accessed at any time by our clients. Reports can also be printed, if desired.


Our officers are thoroughly trained to generate detailed arrest, incident, warning, F.I, and maintenance reports for our clients. Maintenance reports can be automatically sent directly to a maintenance team to further aide our property managers. Copies of reports can also be provided to local law-enforcement, if so requested for documentation and/or investigations.